Ultra Premium High Potency THC Pods

Sourced from the highest quality cannabis. Exquisitely transformed for the ultimate vaping experience. Pure perfection.


Ultra Premium Vape Experience

Feel it in your hand. The pod snaps into place. Take a hit. It's smooth, flavorful, flows.
You exhale and feel the euphoria of nearly pure THC. That's the GKUA Ultra Premium high.

Every hit. Every time.


Ultra Premium Purity Promise

Purity is everything. Our exclusive formulation is carefully transformed from the highest quality cannabis into potent THC vape oil. Independently lab tested and certified for purity beyond the basic industry standards. GKUA Ultra Premium vape oil, pure and potent.

Every batch. Every flavor.


Ultra Premium Vaporizer Battery

It's about the way it feels. It's about the way it functions. Flawless with every hit.

GKUA Ultra Premium Battery Technology: Embedded Pore-less Ceramic Heating Element, Snap-to Magnetic Pod Connection, Duel Airflow On-Demand Activation.

This new proprietary ceramic heating element and cutting-edge design is optimized to efficiently deliver vape in easily controllable doses while elevating the user experience. Our battery technology combined with GKUA Ultra Premium THC oil is the future of vape.