All In The Details

Each and every product we make starts with our ultra premium flower. Gkua flower provides the basis behind our new vaporizer and pod system that revolutionizes the way cannabis is consumed.

Our manufacturer sources top of the line raw materials, making our entire system state of the art from the inside out. We test, retest, and then test again every battery and pod to ensure that no contaminants, bacteria, or pesticides are present.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the safest, cleanest, and healthiest product to our end consumers.

Changing The Game

So how is our vape pen revolutionary? Why is it the cleanest, safest, and most potent? Don’t just take our word for it. Let’s look at the facts.

Gkua’s vape pens are revolutionary, in both form and function, because of their discreet design, ceramic heating elements, and overall pod-based system. The ceramic heating elements replace the traditional wick-based coil currently used by many cartridge and pod manufacturers. The wick-based coil inevitably creates uneven heat distribution and an ineffective heating process resulting in a burnt taste.

Our new proprietary ceramic heating element is optimized to absorb the extracted cannabis oil more efficiently and effectively. The pod contains dual airflow tunnels allowing for the smoothest and most flavorful puff you can imagine, every time. In tandem with the automatic puff activation feature, our system truly gives the end user simple and complete session control on each hit.

We always stand by our product and quality. To prove it, we have equipped the pod with a visible liquid window giving everyone a peak at our exclusive formulation and flawless oil. Gkua pods can only be used with the Gkua battery – the pairing of these guarantees the most ultra premium vaping experience. Take a puff, feel it in your toes, and then pass the Gkua!

GKUA Products